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Why Use a Designer


Many people have the impression that designer projects are very expensive, and while this may be true in some cases, most designer projects can be cost-effective and affordable. Contrary to popular belief, employing an interior design professional can actually SAVE a client’s money! How? Because professional designers know where to purchase the needed products and have access to other resources most consumers do not.

Established designers have made it their career to complete home improvement projects. Many have worked long and hard to surround themselves with subcontractors that are trustworthy and dependable to complete any and all jobs of any size. Need custom window treatments for those awkward windows? Need a finish carpenter for new crown molding? Need a new kitchen? Or, perhaps you just need a new lamp…. whatever your needs are, designers are capable to handle those needs in a cost effective way.

Also, as professional designers, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients. It is through the initial interview that we are able to determine a client’s needs and tastes, even when the client is not sure himself. Whether it’s wood or iron, contemporary or traditional, top quality or value-priced, we can create a visually pleasing environment that achieves a client’s intended goal.

Avoid costly mistakes – contact one of the interior designers of VIVID DECOR before beginning your next project!